What Are the Ingredients of Javita Coffee?

What Are the Ingredients of Javita Coffee?

Gotu kola, bacopa monnieri, garcinia cambogia and yerba mate are the ingredients in Javita Coffee. The Javita Coffee Company sells two coffee products, both of which are instant.

The two instant coffee products by Javita Coffee Company provide mental and dietary support. Javita energy + mind contains bacopa monnieri and gotu kola. Bacopa monnieri, according to Javita Coffee Company, possess certain compounds that protect synapses, enhance metal sharpness, reduce depression and improve memory, while gotu kola relaxes the brain and alleviates the effects of stress and anxiety.

Garcinia cambogia and yerba mate in Javita burn + control stimulate the nervous system, boost metabolism and limit the body's ability to turn carbohydrates into fat. Garcinia cambogia, a tropical fruit, stabilizes blood glucose levels, which may reduce appetite and craving for sweets.

Regularly consuming yerba mate prevents the build up of lactic acid in the muscles, which is associated with delayed onset muscle soreness. The effect is reduced recovery time and faster weight loss. Yerba mate contains a form of caffeine, which can help to burn more calories when combined with diet and exercise.

Javita burn + control also contains antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, polyphenols and amino acids.

In addition to its unique coffee-and-herbal blends, Javita Coffee Company sells green tea, herbal tea and cocoa. All Javita Coffee Company products are kosher-certified. Javita coffee may be enjoyed hot or cold.