What Are the Ingredients in Heinz 57 Sauce?

The exact recipe of Heinz 57 sauce is a closely guarded secret, but key ingredients in copycat renderings include tomato paste or ketchup, raisins, vinegar and lemon juice. Seasonings range from salt or seasoning salt to onion powder, garlic powder and tumeric.

Although popular legend is that 57 is a reference to the amount products the company had when Heinz began using the number as part of its slogan "57 varieties," the number is not quite accurate. Henry Heinz got the idea for using a number as part of his company's slogan after seeing another advertising slogan utilizing the approach. At the time, however, the amount of products manufactured by the Heinz company exceeded 60. Heinz liked the number 57 and chose that instead. Today, the company manufactures more than 100 times as many products than it did then. Over two million tons of tomatoes are used by the company each year, produced from seeds created exclusively by and for Heinz. Although Heinz is best known for its ketchup and legendary Heinz 57 sauce, the company's first product was jarred horseradish. The company did no introduce tomato based sauces to the market until 1876, several years after it was founded.