What Are the Ingredients in Dutch Glow Amish Wood Milk?


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Dutch Glow does not release a list of ingredients in its Amish Wood Milk furniture polish. According to its Materials Safety Data Sheet, it does not contain any ingredients categorized as hazardous under federal OSHA guidelines.

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An investigation by Seattle's Komo News network does not reveal the product's ingredients, but does demonstrate its efficacy. The only published information about its ingredients is on the Materials Safety Data Sheet provided by Dutch Glow. This sheet lists no specific ingredient information, but does outline safety hazards associated with the product.

While Amish Wood Milk is certified not to contain any OSHA-restricted ingredients, it does carry warnings against ingestion and eye contact. It irritates the eyes and can cause nausea, and Dutch Glow recommends seeking medical attention in cases of ingestion. It is harmful to aquatic organisms and should not be disposed of down drains or in ditches. Spills should be contained with sand or other absorbent materials.

Amish Wood Milk is flammable, but does not flash at high temperatures. It must be ignited by an outside source of flame. Fires involving Amish Wood Milk can be extinguished with water. Handling Amish Wood Milk does not require mechanical ventilation or protective equipment, but Dutch Glow recommends rubber gloves for cases of prolonged skin contact.

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