What Are the Ingredients of Daiya Cheese?


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The primary ingredients of Daiya cheese include filtered water, tapioca or arrowroot flours, expeller pressed canola or safflower oil, coconut oil and pea protein. Other ingredients include salt, inactive yeast, vegan natural flavors, vegetable glycerin and xanthan gum, in addition to citric acid, annatto and titanium dioxide. The ingredients vary slightly between different Daiya cheese products, but as of 2015, no Daiya products contain animal products. They are also free of soy, wheat, barley, gluten and nuts.

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Daiya Foods manufactures all Daiya cheese-alternative products, which are vegan-friendly and taste and melt like real cheeses. The primary ingredient in all Daiya cheeses is tapioca or arrowroot flour or a combination of the two. Daiya manufactures its cheese alternatives in dedicated facilities to avoid cross-contamination with animal products or common allergens including soy, wheat and nuts.

All Daiya ingredients come from suppliers that sign a non-GMO statement, but Daiya does not use exclusively organic ingredients. Daiya excludes artificial ingredients including flavorings and colors. Its products are all certified vegan and gluten-free, and they contain no cholesterol, trans fats or preservatives. Daiya only uses oils extracted using pressure instead of heat to minimize the risk of nutrient loss and rancidity during the extraction process.

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