What Are the Ingredients of Cream of Coconut?


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The cream of coconut produced by Coco Casa contains sugar, coconut, water, salt and hydrogenated soybean oil. It also contains polysorbate 60, xanthan gum and sodium metabisulfite, a preservative.

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Cream of coconut is a thick, sweetened form of coconut milk frequently used to make piña coladas and baked desserts. Individuals can substitute cream of coconut with coconut syrup or sweetened condensed milk flavored with coconut extract.

Cream of coconut is derived from coconut cream, which is the unsweetened version of cream of coconut. The sweetened cream of coconut is more useful for mixed drinks and ice creams, which require a strong sweetness. Coconut cream is made by simmering four parts coconut with one part water. Coconut cream also forms on the top of coconut milk.

Even though cream of coconut is used in baking, recipes more commonly call for coconut milk, as it is more common and easier to incorporate into baked goods. It is important to note that cream of coconut cannot be directly substituted for coconut milk and vice versa. The consistencies of the two vary, with cream of coconut having a thicker consistency and coconut milk having a thinner consistency, which is similar to that of cow's milk.

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