What Ingredients Are Commonly in an Irish Lamb Stew Recipe?


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Common ingredients in Irish lamb stew recipes include lamb meat, potatoes, onions, parsley, salt, pepper and various other vegetables, such as carrots and leeks. Other ingredients found in some recipes include flour, bacon, tomatoes, beef broth and dark beer.

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Some recipes provide a preference for one cut of lamb meat or another, such as shoulder or leg meat. Other herbs and spices included in some recipes include thyme, sugar, bay leaves, garlic and coriander, while other vegetables include cabbage and celery. Some other ingredients are white wine, water and cooking oil.

Most recipes begin with coating the lamb in salt, pepper and often flour before browning the meat in a pan or Dutch oven. Then, sauté onions and simmer the meat until the lamb is tender, and add the vegetables and other ingredients and let it simmer until everything is soft and the stew is thick and hearty.

Traditional Irish lamb stew was generally made with whatever vegetables and other ingredients the cook had on hand rather than from a set recipe. Accordingly, many modern recipes differ widely as they originate from different time periods and different regions of Ireland or the United States, where local ingredients were incorporated into the recipes.

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