What Are the Ingredients of Cho-Wa Green Tea?


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The main ingredients in Cho-Wa tea by Kumato Labs include shiitake, maitake and reishi mushrooms. The mushrooms are native to Japan and known to produce polysaccharides in the body. Other ingredients include green tea, gingko, lycium, epimedium and ginger. In addition, the tea contains licorice, astragula, rhodiola and Euphoria fruit.

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According to the Cho-Wa website, Cho-Wa tea helps individuals experience limitless health, as well as find beauty, art and passion in life. Other claimed benefits from use of Cho-Wa include weight loss and increased metabolism, enhanced immune system function and mood improvement. However, although the makers of Cho-Wa tea claim that Cho-Wa is effective for these purposes, as of 2015 no evidence or scientific research supports these claims.

The Cho-Wa website does not contain any information regarding the product's safety or effectiveness, so claims of its effectiveness have nothing other than anecdotal support. Although the natural ingredients from which the tea is made are not known for negative side effects, the tea does contain a potentially high amount of caffeine, which may cause negative side effects such as increased heart rate. The product should not be used by pregnant women or breastfeeding women or by individuals taking certain prescription medications.

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