What Are the Ingredients in ASEA?

The ingredients of ASEA Water are water and 123 mg of sodium chloride, or table salt, per 4 ounces. This brand of drinking water is sold at about $150 for four 32-ounce bottles, as of 2015.

ASEA is a drinking water that is marketed as a scientifically sound method of providing the body with oxidizing molecules that promise to improve immune systems, boost athletic performance, protect against free radical damage and boost efficiency of the body's own antioxidants.

However, the reason ASEA claims it boosts the anti-oxidant system is because it stimulates this system with highly reactive oxygen species, or ROS. When these species are ingested, the anti-oxidant system in the body works harder to fight them off. However, the problem with this is that the body's reaction to ROS is not selective, and can cause damage to a body's amino acids, leading to damaged proteins and cells. There is significant scientific evidence to show that ingesting ROS are detrimental to a body's health, which is why people generally take anti-oxidants, not oxidative stressors.

ASEA claim to have trillions of perfectly balanced redox signaling molecules, which they claim give the drinker a number of health benefits; however redox signaling has been linked to illnesses from inflammation to cancer. Although ASEA claims its water is completely safe and non-toxic, the products have disclaimers that they are not safe for pregnant or nursing mothers.