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To learn more about wine, first consider either books or magazine publications that present expert knowledge in easy-to-understand formats. Examples of such books include "Wine for Dummies" and "The Wine Bible;" magazines include "Wine Spectator" and "Wine Enthusiast." Whenever possible, drink the wines selected for coverage in the publication to clarify and reinforce key concepts.

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If possible, begin frequenting a local wine bar area or sophisticated wine shop. Employees in both these venues are used to answering questions in a helpful and friendly manner, which offers a good opportunity to try many things and gain instruction at the same time. Also, gather like-minded persons from among friends and neighbors to form a tasting group. At regular intervals, the group convenes with each person contributing an equal share towards that night's wine selection, which you then drink, share and discuss.

Another excellent method for expanding wine knowledge is to visit individual vineyards, wineries and wine-making regions. This produces acquaintance not only with the wines produced, but with the geographical features contributing to the wine's character. To better identify flavors and components of individual wines, taste many different types of foods often found in them, such as jams, berries, chocolates and juices. This helps sensitize and awaken the palate.

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