What Information Goes on a Restaurant Cleaning Checklist?


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Emptying trash bins, wiping down the line and kitchen preparation area, cleaning the fryers and grills, and placing all aprons and chef's shirts in the appropriate laundry receptacles are all items that are commonly found on a restaurant cleaning checklist. This list depends on whether it is intended for front-of-house or back-of-house employees and the scope of the restaurant operations.

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When formulating a restaurant cleaning checklist, breaking it down between worker categories is a good start. Dishwashers have different duties than prep cooks and should remain separated to reduce redundancy and confusion. For instance, dishwashers are responsible for cleaning the floor mats, washing all dirty dishes by the end of the night and maintaining the cleanliness of the dishwashing machine itself. Prep and line cooks are responsible for calibrating the thermometers, cleaning out the freezer and sanitizing all of the preparation surfaces. Front-of-house employees also have restaurant cleaning duties as well, such as cleaning the beverage station and sweeping the kitchen floor.

Cleaning duties also vary in frequency, and a restaurant cleaning checklist needs to reflect this for clarity. Recognizing daily, weekly and monthly tasks makes the checklist very clear to the restaurant's employees and saves the restaurant unnecessary labor costs.

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