Where Is Information Found on Where to Buy Dried Gourds Wholesale?

Where Is Information Found on Where to Buy Dried Gourds Wholesale?

Wholesale dried gourds are available through online retailers such as Alibaba.com. Farms often feature wholesale prices as well. In both cases, a minimum order is typical to get wholesale pricing.

Buying wholesale dried gourds generally means having to purchase large quantities. For instance, in 2015, Alibaba.com listed dried gourds for sale with a minimum purchase of 50 pieces. The farmer could supply up to 1,000,000 gourds a month, though. The wholesale dried gourds come from China.

Some farms sell gourds both to the general public and to wholesalers. Amish Gourds sells bulk quantities of washed gourds at discount prices. Buyers have to contact the farm for details.

Wellburn Gourd Farm also sells to both the public and wholesalers. However, the farm specifies that wholesale customers must have a sales tax vendor's ID number. They also have to complete a required form. Ghost Creek Gourds is another source of wholesale gourds. It requires calling for prices. Both farms allow buyers to visit the premises. A database such as Pennsylvania Gourd Society can help wholesalers find gourd farmers in their area.

In some cases, the wholesale price for gourds includes their being cleaned but not dried. Dried gourds are used as decoration and for artistic projects.