What Information Can You Find on a Cuts of Beef Chart?


A butcher chart shows a variety of cuts of beef, along with each cut's location on the cow. Depending on the chart's level of detail, it may also contain further information about each cut, such as options for cutting a specific steak.

A butcher chart divides a cow into cuts that include sirloin, chuck, flank and brisket. A detailed chart lists forequarter and hindquarter cuts and might provide some extra information on butchering that cut. For example, the loin can be cut in a number of ways, including as a T-bone, a porterhouse and a boneless Kansas City strip steak.

A butcher chart might also detail the uses, texture or prices of a specific cut. For example, a detailed chart might detail the best way to cook a specific cut of beef, either through explanatory text or a key showing that a cut is best cooked on a grill or in a stew. This information can be helpful when cooking tougher pieces, such as the shank.

A butcher chart can also be helpful while buying beef: tougher cuts tend to be cheaper, while knowing the pricier cuts lets the buyer know what quality of cut to look for when buying beef directly from a butcher.