What Is Included in the Red Lobster Endless Shrimp Promotion?

The Red Lobster Endless Shrimp promotion allows restaurant customers to pay one set price and order as many servings of the specified shrimp dishes as desired. This promotion is offered for a limited time only, as of September 2015.

According to EatDrinkDeals.com, customers participating in the Endless Shrimp promotion opt to pay a flat rate of around $17 per person. This price may vary by location. Guests can choose between a number of different shrimp-based entrees during the promotion. Dishes available in 2015 include teriyaki grilled shrimp, hand-breaded shrimp, shrimp linguini Alfredo and pineapple habanero coconut bites.

Customers participating in the Endless Shrimp promotion may order any combination of the available shrimp-based entrees and do not have to stick to one flavor. The Endless Shrimp promotion does not advertise a set end date, as of September 2015. However, the promotion has previously lasted for about two months. The promotion is available at any time of day in participating Red Lobster restaurants.

The Endless Shrimp promotion also includes a side salad for each customer, as well as unlimited Cheddar Bay biscuits for the table. Red Lobster regularly offers free Cheddar Bay biscuits for customers. Drinks and non-shrimp entrees are not included in the Endless Shrimp promotion.