How Do You Improve Your Taste Palate?


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Improve your palate through practice and trying new foods. Quit smoking because it interferes with both your sense of smell and taste. Nicotine also leads to suppressed nerve activity in areas of the brain associated with taste.

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  1. Pay attention while eating

    Avoid distractions, such as eating at your desk, in the car or in front of the TV. Learn to savor distinct flavors and textures by practicing mindful eating.

  2. Eat slower

    Eat more slowly to allow you to inhale deeply and also to stimulate the olfactory receptors located in the upper portion of the nose. Eating slowly helps you to focus on the temperature, texture and taste of different foods. Eating with chopsticks or with your nondominant hand helps you to train eating at a leisurely pace.

  3. Experiment with spices

    Experiment with different spices when cooking to improve your palate. Start small by changing or adding one ingredient at a time in your recipes. Experimenting with different spices helps to expand gastronomic horizons and re-educate the tongue.

  4. Try new foods

    Let go of your food prejudices, and step out of your comfort zone to try new foods. Try cuisines from different regions no matter how odd or foreign the ingredients might seem.

  5. Cleanse your palate

    Cleanse your palate between meals to truly appreciate the taste of each meal. Suck on an orange or lemon wedge between meals to cleanse the palate.

  6. Quit smoking

    Quit smoking to improve your palate. Smoking interferes with the sense of smell and taste. You can see a difference in your sense of taste soon after quitting smoking, because taste bud cells regenerate about every 10 days.

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