How Do You Improve Your Culinary Skills?


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You can improve your skills in the kitchen by using kosher salt for seasoning and not being afraid to use liberal amounts. You can also make food taste better by using wine, stock or broth as cooking liquids rather than just plain water.

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How Do You Improve Your Culinary Skills?
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Butter is another ingredient that can significantly improve the flavor and texture of food. Many home cooks automatically reach for margarine because they are trained to think of it as a low-fat butter alternative, but margarine contains just as much fat as butter and skimps on flavor. Margarine also contains numerous artificial flavors and ingredients that can give food an off taste.

Adding ingredients, such as lemon juice, wine and vinegar, that contain acid is another way to elevate flavor in many foods. An acidic tang complements sweet flavors and livens up others, so go ahead and add a final splash of these to meat dishes, vegetables and fruit desserts. Lemon juice can add flavor when low-sodium diets limit the use of salt.

The food you prepare in your home kitchen also tastes better if you use fresh, good-quality ingredients and limit processed foods as much as possible. For instance, using fresh bread crumbs yields better results than using the packaged variety. Other small tricks include allowing meat to rest for a short period of time before serving to allow the juices to settle. Another trick is to use contrasting textures, such as sprinkling bread crumbs over a macaroni and cheese casserole, before baking.

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