What Are Some Impossible Food Challenges?

Food challenges that have proven to be impossible to accomplish include the saltine cracker challenge, the gallon of milk challenge and the spoonful of cinnamon challenge. Each activity requires that the participant consume a specific entrée in a limited period of time.

In the saltine cracker challenge, the participant is required to eat six saltine-type crackers in under a minute without the support of additional food or liquid. Therefore, each saltine must be eaten in a period of ten seconds. However, participants find their mouth dries out too fast for them to win any coveted acknowledgement.

The gallon of milk challenge requires that the participant drink a whole gallon of 2% or whole milk in under 60 seconds and keep from vomiting up the liquid for at least an hour. While some of the challengers drink down the liquid, they are unable to keep from vomiting it up.

The spoonful of cinnamon challenge requires challengers to consume a tablespoon of cinnamon without drinking any liquids. However, the cinnamon causes most participants to cough, which prevents them from keeping the spice down.

Diners who don't mind taking on a dare can actually meet some seemingly impossible challenges that are featured in restaurants. For example, diners in Kingman, Arizona are asked to eat a large barbecue sandwich at Redneck's Southern BBQ. Food challengers have 30 minutes to down a 10-inch sandwich with two pounds of meat and a side of a pound of coleslaw.