What Are Some Imported Brands of Zwieback?


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Some imported brands of zwieback biscuits are Brandt, Burger and Hipp. All three of these zwieback brands are imported from Germany. Imported zwieback are generally lighter, crisper and more delicately flavored than the American version.

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Imported brands of zwieback are available in the United States from online retailers, including Amazon.com. Zwieback biscuits were produced in the United States by Nabisco, but the product has been discontinued. Zwieback is a crisp, sweetened bread made with eggs. It is sliced before it is baked a second time, resulting in a thin, dry slice that resembles melba toast. Brandt zwieback is also available in whole grain and dark chocolate, anise and coconut flavors. Zwieback is common in Germany, Italy, Scandinavia, Austria and Greece. It is eaten as a snack, often with coffee, tea or milk. Zwieback can also be softened with milk and eaten as a porridge. It is an ingredient in some recipes for a cheesecake crust. Zwieback is often given to teething babies to chew on, or as the first solid food for a person with an upset stomach. Its name comes from the German term for twice-baked. Zwieback is a form of rusk, a hard, dry, twice-baked biscuit. Similar imported products are Danish tvebak, Dutch beschuit and Swedish skorpor.

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