What Are Some Important Culinary and Cooking Terms?


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"Julienne" is a culinary term that refers to cutting foods into thin sticks, approximately 1/4 inch thick. "Marinate" means to steep meat or game in a seasoned liquid for a period of time in order to tenderize and flavor it. "Parboil" means to partially cook food in hot water.

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Some important culinary terms are related to sauces. The term "mother sauce" refers to five basic sauces, which form the base of every other sauce. The five sauces are bechemel, which is a white, creamy sauce; veloute, which is made from chicken stock and cream; espagnole, which is made from beet stock and tomato; hollandaise, which is an emulsion of fat and eggs; and vinaigrette, a mixture of oil, vinegar and seasonings.

Other culinary terms are related to cooking methods. "Sauté" means to cook a food quickly over direct heat in oil or butter. "Simmer" means to cook food slowly in a liquid that is just below the boiling point. To roast something is to cook it by exposing it to the radiant heat of an oven or grill, and to sear something means to brown or caramelize it over direct heat. Braising is a cooking method in which tougher cuts of meat are cooked for hours in a sealed pan with a small amount of liquid.

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