How Do You Identify Various Types of Yellow Squash?

Identifying types of yellow squash involves comparing the fruit to photos and characteristics of various squash varieties. Aside from the two summer squash varieties traditionally known as yellow squash, numerous squashes are yellow or have yellow versions.

Traditionally, yellow squash is either a straight-necked or crook-necked summer squash. Both taper from a broad bottom, have large seeds and thin skin that varies from smooth to bumpy. The yellow color extends over the entire fruit. Parador is a straight-necked squash variety with smooth dark yellow skin.

Golden zucchini has a smooth deep yellow-orange fruit with the ridged dark green tip and straight shape typical of green zucchini. With a thin edible skin, golden zucchini fits into the summer squash category. Golden Egg is a hybrid with an oval profile that is wider than other zucchini, and Ball Zucchini is almost round. Zephyr squash has two distinct color areas, abruptly changing from pale yellow to green at the bottom.

Pattypan squash has a flattened shape and deeply scalloped edges. The skin is thicker than other summer squashes and is bright yellow to dark green. Sunburst is a pattypan hybrid with sunshine yellow skin.

Spaghetti squash is a large oval winter squash with a pale to a bright yellow tint. The meat is stringy and often substitutes for grain-based spaghetti.