How Do You Identify Food-Grade Buckets?


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Food-grade plastic buckets are identified by the recycling symbols on the plastic and the abbreviations that tell what kind of plastic it is. Examples of marks include HDPE with recycle two, vinyl or PVC with recycle three, LDPE with recycle four, and PET (also called PETE) with recycle one. The recycling symbols are comprised of a triangle made of arrows with the number inside of it.

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Additional markings on food-grade buckets are PP with recycle five and PS with recycle six.

PET plastic is polyethylene terephthalate. It is used to make items such as drink bottles and detergent containers.

HDPE is high-density polyethylene and is used in milk and juice bottles, plastic shopping bags and water bottles. Buckets that are made of HDPE may not be food-safe. Number two HDPE buckets that are not labeled as food-safe can be used to store food if they are line with a Mylar bag.

LDPE is low-density polyethylene that is used to make flexible food buckets and containers. PP, or polypropylene, has a high tensile strength and can withstand high temperatures without melting, making it ideal to store food. It can also withstand cold temperatures, such as those required for foods needing refrigeration or freezing.

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