What Are Some Ideas for Making Sophisticated Sandwiches?


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Some ways to make sandwiches more sophisticated are to turn them into pinwheels, serve them as open-faced sandwiches or melts or add distinctive flavors with creative spreads. Aioli, roasted red pepper spread, flavored cream cheese and grainy mustards all make great upgrades for classic sandwiches.

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To make a pinwheel sandwich, begin by spreading a thin layer of a spread such as cream cheese or hummus over the entire surface of a tortilla. Covering the edges of the tortilla completely makes the sandwich much easier to roll. The sandwich can then be stuffed with thin layers of the desired fillings. Thinly sliced vegetables, deli meats and cheeses all make excellent fillings for pinwheel sandwiches. After laying out the fillings, roll the sandwiches tightly before slicing into them into wheels.

Open-faced sandwiches can be made by layering fillings on top of toasted bread. Alternatively, make an open-faced melt by layering meat and cheese on top of bread before toasting the slices in the oven.

Swapping out regular mustard and mayo for a different spread, such as hummus or aioli, is another way to make a more sophisticated sandwich. Classic aioli is a garlic-flavored mayo from the Provence region of France that is made with garlic, olive oil, egg yolks and lemon juice. There are many easy-to-make variations, including sriracha aioli, cilantro-lime aioli, curry aioli and green goddess aioli. To make these variations, simply add the desired ingredients to a homemade or store-bought aioli. Green goddess aioli is made by adding parsley, chives, tarragon and dill to basic aioli and pulsing the mixture in a food processor.

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