What Are Some Ideas for Kitchen Pantry Storage?

What Are Some Ideas for Kitchen Pantry Storage?

Some kitchen pantry storage ideas include incorporating baskets and bins, installing sliding drawers, hanging door organizers, installing small shelves in the doors and installing shelves at different heights. It can also help to organize pantry foods into groups, according to Real Simple.

Easy access helps keep the pantry from getting cluttered. Storing foods such as pasta and cereal in clear bins makes them easier to find. Storing snacks in wire baskets makes them easy to grab on the go. Sliding drawers are also handy for accessing foods. Instead of rummaging through the backs of shelves, homeowners can simply pull out the drawers to access hard to reach items, as recommended by Better Homes and Gardens.

In small kitchens and pantries, space is often an issue. Hanging door organizers can be an easy way to make the most of small spaces. Wire over-door shelves can create more shelving space for pantry items. See-through pocket organizers are also easy to install and very affordable. Homeowners who want permanent shelving solutions can install wooden shelving onto the backs of pantry doors.

Making use of height is a good way to help fit more food into a small pantry. Homeowners can install shelves at various heights to avoid wasting space and create more vertical storage.

A bit of organization can go a long way when it comes to pantry storage. Simply keeping foods grouped together can make them easier to find and looks tidy.