What Are Some Ideas for Freezer Organizing?


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Some ideas for freezer organizing include picking the most efficient containers and carefully labeling each item. Keep a list or a diagram of what is in the freezer to find everything easily.

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Begin by sorting the freezer items into categories. Use plastic bins to separate different types of items, grouping them into what works best for the family. This makes the food both easier to find and protects it from damage. Label each item with the name, date of purchase and use-by date.

Store cooked food like soup or stew in a plastic freezer bag so it lies flat and takes less space. Squeeze out excess air. Do not place food in containers that are too large for the amount because this wastes space. Break down large packages of food into smaller, meal-sized portions before freezing. Individual items, like berries, can be frozen and then later put into a larger container for use as needed.

Store items like nuts and alcoholic beverages on the door. Put ice cream in the back of the freezer so it is not in danger of melting and refreezing when the door is opened and closed. Place the oldest food where it is easiest to see and grab.

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