What Are Some Ideas for First-Year Birthday Cakes?


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Some ideas for first birthday cakes include smash cakes, animal cakes and themed cakes. These cakes are usually more for the parents than the kids, so can be decorated to the parents' tastes.

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What Are Some Ideas for First-Year Birthday Cakes?
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When a baby's first birthday rolls around, parents may want to put a lot of effort into making an elaborate birthday cake or just have fun with a smash cake. Here are a few ideas to try out.

  • Sprinkles smash cake: Bake a simple square cake and cover it completely with a coating of sprinkles.
  • Polka dot smash cake: Parents who don't want to ruin the baby's diet can bake a small cake and cover it in rows and dots of frosting.
  • Lion cheerio cake: Turn a round cake into a lion using cheerios on top to create the lion's mane. Baby gets to eat the cereal and the cake too.
  • Animal print cake: Create the impression of an animal for a theme party with animal print designs, such as zebra stripes or cheetah spots.
  • Peppermint cake: Winter babies can have a white and candy cane decorated peppermint flavored cake.
  • Transportation cake: Little kids seem enthralled by moving vehicles, so make a car, train or plane themed birthday cake.
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