What Are Some Ideas for Cakes for Graduation?


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Some ideas for graduation cakes include a book-themed cake, a scroll cake for honor students and a mortarboard hat cake, notes Wilton. These cakes rely on fondant to add much of the decorative effects.

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Graduation cakes are a must-have at any graduate's celebration, but ideas for more than sheet cake may be lacking. Try out a few of these options to really make the graduate's day special.

  • Book themed cake: This treat is made from three small to medium sized rectangle cakes stacked on one another. The outside of each cake is covered in fondants to look like a book cover. A cute fondant topper made in the form of a graduating student in robes is a fun touch.
  • Scroll cake: A three-tiered round cake, this is a more subtle choice for graduation. The base of each tier is decorated with scrolled fondant, reminiscent of a rolled up diploma.
  • Mortarboard hat cake: A simple square cake, this is a good option for beginning bakers. The cake is covered in fondant and given a cute fondant ribbon to top off the mortarboard hat. Write a few encouraging words in icing to finish it.
  • Locker cake: This fun cake is made from three narrow cut rectangle cakes placed side-by-side. Each one is turned into a school locker with fondant and decorated with little fondant pennants, shoes and banners.
  • Best and brightest cake: A classic tiered cake, the best and brightest features three successively smaller diamond shaped layers. Cute decorations of hats and diplomas molded from royal icing decorate the sides of the cake.
  • Jelly roll diploma cake: Turn a simple jelly roll cake into a scrolled diploma by a layer of white buttercream frosting and an outer wrapping of white edible paper. Finish with a red fondant ribbon.
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