What Are Some Ideas for Baked Potato Toppers?


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Some ideas for baked potato toppers are tahini and bacon, smoked trout and fresh dill, and creamed spinach and toasted bread crumbs. To make a Middle Eastern-style baked potato, combine tahini, a roasted sesame seed paste, and water for a thinner sauce-like quality. Pour it over the potato, and then top it with fried slab bacon and sesame seeds.

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For a more Scandinavian experience, slather creme fraiche over the baked potato, and then top it with smoked trout or salmon, fresh dill sprigs and cracked black pepper to taste. Opt for an Italian experience by melting taleggio cheese over the potato and topping it with giardiniera (or pickled vegetables) or adding burrata cheese and prosciutto. Instead of chili and cheese toppers, try barbecue pulled pork topped with crisp coleslaw. Top baked potatoes with a range of sauteed vegetables, such as mushrooms, shallots and onions, and some toasted nuts. Finish it off with fresh cilantro, parsley or chives.

Potatoes, sweet potatoes and yams can be topped with sour cream or creme fraiche and apple compote, made by cooking apples in butter and then mixing in honey, salt and pepper. Add less salt for a sweeter experience. Sweet topping can also include candied nuts and streusel topping.

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