How Do You Hunt Truffles?


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Truffle hunting usually involves taking a trained truffle hunting dog into a wooded area, following the dog closely as it sniffs out truffles, and using a rake to uncover them. Truffles usually grow near certain species of trees such as hazel nut, hickory, birch, fir and pine. Truffles tend to grow in moist soil, and they are easier to find after it rains. Pigs are great at sniffing out truffles, but enjoy eating the fungi too much for most hunters.

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Truffles are difficult to find, which is why many truffle hunters acquire specially trained dogs to assist with the task. Truffle hunters can go on private truffle hunting forays with services such as Umami Truffle Dogs, or train a domesticated dog to find truffles. Oregon is a good place to go truffle hunting, because the state has timber forest and canopied rain forest areas that are perfect for growing truffles. Umami Truffle Dogs provide human guides and truffle hunting dogs for hunting expeditions. Dog owners who wish to hunt truffles independently can train their pet to recognize the smell of truffles.

When training a dog to sniff out truffles, it's important to establish a good system of communication with the dog. Train the dog to bark or stand alert when he finds a truffle. Reward the dog with a motivating treat, or praise the dog, after each find.

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