What Is a Huckleberry Pie?


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Huckleberry pie is a fruit pie with the main ingredient being huckleberry, a small bluish-black fruit that is similar to the blueberry. There is a wide variety of recipes for huckleberry pie, some of which include ingredients such as chopped nuts, lemon rind, brown sugar, tapioca and cream cheese.

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What Is a Huckleberry Pie?
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Huckleberries have a distinct taste that is somewhat sharp and less sweet than blueberries. There are several varieties of huckleberry, and berry flavor can vary significantly from one variety to another.

Unlike blueberries, whose seeds are soft and very small, huckleberries contain a number of small seeds that are hard but edible. These seeds, as well as the berry's thicker skin, give huckleberry pie a unique texture.

Huckleberries are found in the US northwest and grow only in the wild. Attempts to grow them commercially have been largely unsuccessful.

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