What Are Household Uses for Vinegar?


Vinegar may be used to clean office equipment like computers and fax machines. Vinegar is also an effective cleaning agent for a computer mouse. The substance is also used as a thorough, safe cleaner for scissors, as it does not cause scissors to rust.

White vinegar gets rid of fingerprints and grime and is a natural cleaner for blinds and piano keys. Water rings that form on coffee tables can be removed with a solution of vinegar and olive oil. A sponge soaked in white vinegar removes water rings from leather furniture. Vinegar mixed with linseed oil in a spray bottle is a natural treatment that restores the look of leather furniture. Salt and vinegar make a solution for removing stains from carpet. The mixture can also be combined with borax to remove stubborn stains. A mixture of vinegar and water also cleans bricks, which is beneficial for a fireplace or decorative brick structure in the home. Vinegar and water can be combined to clean up candle wax residue. Vinegar and baking soda make an affordable solution for cleaning and unclogging drains. The mixture gets rid of substances that inhibit water flow in the drain and eliminates foul odors as well.