Is Honey Good for You?


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Although many people dismiss honey as unhealthy because it is high in fructose, it is actually a healthy, natural food that has a number of health benefits. Honey has been shown to lower blood LDL (bad) cholesterol and homocysteine levels, both of which are markers of hyperlipidemia. Studies also show that consuming honey helps increase blood antioxidant levels, which help protect against disease.

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Honey is a good nutritional choice for many people, but not for all. For individuals who suffer from diabetes or have trouble losing weight, it's wise to avoid honey. The effects of its high-sugar content and high calorie count are likely to overshadow its health benefits in these circumstances.

Honey must be consumed in moderation for the maximum amount of health benefits. In order to get the most nutrition possible, the darkest honey should be consumed. Darker honey is higher in antioxidants than lighter-colored honey. It's a healthy substitute for white sugar in homemade baked goods and treats.

Honey can contain spores of botulism, dangerous bacteria that cause serious illness, especially in young children with immune systems that are not yet fully developed. For this reason, pediatricians recommend against feeding honey to children under 12 months of age.

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