What Are Some Homemade Candy Recipes?


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Saveur's peppermint caramels, Betty Crocker's peanut brittle and Alton Brown's chocolate fudge are all candy recipes that can be made at home. Each recipe takes less than one hour to prepare.

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What Are Some Homemade Candy Recipes?
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To make Saveur's peppermint caramels, crush 4 ounces peppermint candies. Pass the candy through a sieve, and discard the fine dust. Save the candy pieces for later. Line an 8-by-8 inch pan with parchment paper and grease it.

In a saucepan, heat 1 1/4 cups heavy cream, 1 cup superfine sugar, 6 tablespoons golden syrup and 3 tablespoons honey. Stir the mixture until the sugar dissolves. Bring it to a boil, and leave it untouched until an inserted candy thermometer indicates it has reached 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Remove the pan from the heat, and stir in 7 tablespoons butter until the mixture is smooth. Pour the mixture into the prepared pan, and sprinkle it with peppermint pieces. Allow the candy to cool completely.

To make Betty Crocker's peanut brittle, butter two cookie sheets, and place them in a warm oven. Mix 1 1/2 teaspoons baking soda, 1 teaspoon water and 1 teaspoon vanilla. Separately, combine 1 1/2 cups sugar, 1 cup water and 1 cup light corn syrup.

Cook this until it reaches 240 degrees Fahrenheit. Add 3 tablespoons butter and 1 pound peanuts. Stir constantly until it reaches 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Promptly remove it from the heat, and stir in the baking soda mixture. Pour the candy onto the cookie sheets, and allow it to cool completely.

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