How Is a Home Grocery Delivery Set Up?


A home grocery delivery is set up by having a user go online, selecting the store that delivers to the area, selecting the goods needed, checking out and paying the store. Depending on where a user is located, an online grocery delivery service may not be available, but some stores, such K-Mart or Walmart, do offer select services for a fee.

To set up a home delivery for groceries, a person must first make sure the store he or she wants to use is able to deliver to homes. Sometimes, stores will deliver items such as breakfast cereals or canned goods but not meats, frozen items or chilled foods.

Once it's determined that the store will delivery what the person needs, the person should make an account on the site. The log-in page or sign-up button is usually in the upper right-hand corner of the site.

When filling out the information for a home or work address, the consumer should make sure that it is accurate. When these items are delivered, they may be left on doorsteps or delivered in person, depending on the area and what was ordered. Instructions necessary for the driver or delivery person can be left in sections that allow a person to add notes.

Once a person is signed into the website of the grocer he chose, he can start to pick out his groceries. He should add the groceries to his cart in the correct quantities. When the items are added to the cart, the person can easily click on the cart at any time to check the cost of the cart and which items are already inside.

Once the cart is full of groceries that the consumer wants to purchase, it's time to check out. To check out, the buyer should click on his cart and select check out. The process for paying for these goods is simple, and it allows the consumer to decide how to pay. If the buyer may pick up the groceries from the store, for example, he can decide to pay at the store at select grocers. Others may require instant payments with a Mastercard, Visa or a debit card. The buyer simply needs to choose a delivery date and time if applicable, enter his payment information and follow the prompts to complete payment.

In some states, stores will deliver more readily than in others. K-Mart and Walmart, for example, both provide dry and canned goods through traditional USPS postage in any U.S. location, but a person may also be able to get cold goods delivered in select areas. Other stores, like ColdLife Organics in Atlanta, will deliver cold groceries or frozen goods to the surrounding area for a fee. These kinds of stores are specific to the metro or city in question, so specific questions about the delivery services should be addressed to them.