How Do You Get Holiday Food Boxes?

The requirements to get a holiday food box from food banks and community programs vary, but the process normally requires families to sign up or pre-qualify for an organization's general food program in order to qualify for holiday boxes. The qualifications also vary between locations and require necessary pieces of identification.

As an example, the Freestore Foodbank requires that those who want holiday boxes to be part of its food bank programs. As of 2015, to sign up for the food bank, families need to contact the Customer Connection Center and be prepared to provide ID for all members of the family. The food bank provides a choice pantry, which means that families can choose the items they need. Once qualified for the pantry, these families then get to pick up a box for a holiday meal.

The Foothills Unity Center requires pre-qualification as well. This prerequisite allows the center to know how many boxes it needs to make to ensure that all the families who use its services have food for the holiday. Knowing the levels of resources available in advance also makes it easier for the donation center to request the right amount of donations and number of volunteers needed to handle the holiday boxes.

Community Ministry requires families in need to have used the pantry services at least once in the year prior to the holiday. Families can pick between a Thanksgiving or Christmas box.