Hoe Do You Grind Flax Seed?


Grind whole flax seeds by adding the seeds to a food grinder and processing them to the desired consistency. The process takes just a couple of minutes.

  1. Select the flax seeds

    Most stores carry brown and golden flax seeds, both of which have similar characteristics and can be ground to the same consistency. Store the seeds in an airtight container, and place them in a cool, dark spot until ready for use.

  2. Grab a grinder

    Select a grinding appliance. Specialty seed grinders, food processors, coffee grinders and blenders are all suitable for grinding flax seeds.

  3. Add the flax seeds to the grinder

    Add the amount of flax seeds you need to the grinder. A cup of whole seeds yields approximately 1 1/3 cups of ground flax seeds. Because ground flax seeds have a short shelf life, use just what you need to ensure optimal flavor and nutrition.

  4. Grind the seeds

    Turn the grinder on, and process the seeds. The longer the seeds are ground, the finer the texture of the ground flax seeds.

  5. Store unused ground flax seeds

    Store any unused ground flax seeds in an opaque, airtight container, and place it in the refrigerator to lessen the likelihood of spoilage. Use the stored ground flax seeds within a few days.