What Is the History of Stride Gum?

What Is the History of Stride Gum?

Stride gum is a gum product produced by Mondelez International, formerly known as Kraft Foods. Stride was first introduced in 2005 by the Cadbury-Adams candy company and was advertised with the slogan "ridiculously long lasting gum." At launch, the only two flavors of Stride gum were Spearmint and Winter Blue. Today, Stride is available in 20 different flavors.

Stride was initially only available in the United States, but became available for purchase in Canada beginning in 2008. Stride gum is available in Europe, but under the Trident brand name.

Stride gum is made from ingredients including sorbitol, gum base, glycerin, mannitol, as well as natural and artificial flavoring.

In February 2011. Mondelez International released Stride 2.0 to upgrade some of the original Stride flavors. Two other variations of the Stride brand are the Stride Spark and Stride Shift gums. Stride Shift is a gum that changes flavors while in the user's mouth, and Stride Spark is a variant of gum that includes vitamins.

Since its release in 2006, Stride gum has been marketed primarily as a long-lasting gum. Stride has released multiple advertisements that emphasize this feature and has even held contests related to Stride's long-lasting quality. Stride has also been featured on the television series Smallville where a former Stride gum manufacturing facility hosted concerts during one episode.