What Are Some Highly-Rated Bottled Waters, According to Experts?

What Are Some Highly-Rated Bottled Waters, According to Experts?

Voss, Saint Geron, Hildon, Evian and Fiji are highly rated bottled waters, according to Fox News. Other top-rated options include Gerolsteiner, Ferrarelle, Perrier, Mountain Valley and Volvic.

Voss Artesian Water is imported from Norway in distinctive cylindrical glass bottles. This naturally filtered water is available in sparkling and still varieties. Saint Geron is a French mineral water that contains high levels of calcium and magnesium. It is exceptionally pure and contains no bacteria or nitrates.

Hildon is a British mineral water that undergoes a 50-year natural filtration process. It begins as rainwater that flows through chalk hills, a process which removes impurities over many years. The chalk also fortifies the water with calcium.

Evian is a popular mineral water bottled in France. Its sand-filtering process takes 15 years. Evian's taste and mineral content come from the rich clay layer surrounding the natural sand filter.

Fiji is a silica-rich mineral water bottled on the Fijian island of Viti Levu. The silica gives the water its characteristic softness. Fiji water also contains calcium and magnesium, and undergoes a strictly-controlled bottling process that involves no direct human contact.

Perrier is an effervescent French mineral water sold in distinctive green glass bottles. In addition to plain sparkling water, Perrier comes in lemon, lime and grapefruit flavors.