What Herbs Best Complement Pork Rib Roast?

What Herbs Best Complement Pork Rib Roast?

A good herb used to complement a pork rib roast is rosemary. Thyme is another herb that goes well with a pork rib roast.

Garlic, mustard, oregano and marjoram additionally make flavorful seasonings for pork roasts.

Rosemary and thyme are often used to season roasts. Oregano, basil and garlic can also be used to season roast beef.

Rosemary creates a mustard-like odor when used on roasted meats. Fresh rosemary offers a more robust flavor than dried, but both can be used in meat preparation.

Fresh thyme can be added to roasts by the bunch or sprig. Thyme is in season during the summer months.