What Is Hemp Seed Good For?


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Hemp seeds provide a number of health benefits and are considered one of the most nutritionally complete foods in the world. Hemp seeds are one of the only plants to contain all 20 amino acids, including the nine essential amino acids that human bodies cannot produce.

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The high levels of amino acids makes hemp seeds one of the only plants in the world to provide complete protein. In addition, they also contain higher levels of essential fatty acids than any other plant, which are perfectly balanced to match the dietary needs of humans. The seeds also contain high levels of fiber and important trace minerals, such as potassium, vitamin E, iron, zinc and magnesium.

It is thought that eating hemp seeds can help boost the immune system, improve cardiovascular health and reduce cholesterol levels. Furthermore, the high level of phytonutrients can help protect the body's tissues and organs.

Humans can eat hemp seeds raw, roasted or cracked. They are also often pressed to make hemp oil or ground into hemp meal. Many people sprinkle hemp seeds over salads, yogurts, hot and cold cereals, soups and pasta dishes. Hemp oil is often used over salads, like olive oil, but it's important to note that it should never be cooked with or heated in any way due to its low smoking point.

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