What Are Some Facts About Heath Bars?


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Originally called Heath English Toffee, the Heath Bar originated in 1915 after the Heath brothers, Bayard and Everett Heath, purchased the recipe from a salesman and perfected it by 1928.

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The Heath brothers owned a small confectionery shop where they first began selling Heath Bars in 1920. After selling their candy company in 1931, the brothers worked on their father's dairy farm, which they eventually used to their advantage. By marketing and selling their Heath Bars through their father's dairy truck deliveries, the chocolates gained popularity, leading to the establishment of the Heath Candy Company.

The company's prosperity eventually led to strained family ties in the 1960's, and the company fell apart. The Finnish company Leaf, Inc. bought the Heath Candy Company in 1989, and eventually, Hershey's acquired ownership of Leaf, Inc. in 1996. Hershey's has since made some changes to the original recipe. As of 2015, the ingredients of the Heath Bar are milk chocolate, palm oil, almonds, sugar and dairy butter. The candy bars also contain artificial flavor, salt and soy lecithin.

During the Great Depression, the candy bars were included in soldier's rations, leading to the company's eventual growth in fame. This popularity led to the development of the Heath Toffee Ice Cream Bar, which was introduced to the market in the 1950's. In 1987, a popularity survey rated the Heath Bar the 56th most popular.

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