What Are Some Healthy Snacks for Adults?


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Some healthy snacks for adults include baked sweet potato fries, carrots with hummus, kale chips, boiled edamame and spicy air-popped popcorn. Cherry tomatoes served with goat cheese, whole-grain bagels with ricotta cheese and strawberries, natural-style peanut butter served with high-fiber crackers and low-fat cottage cheese served with fruit are other healthy snacks that adults might enjoy.

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Healthy snacks for grownups typically are high in fiber or water, so fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy products and high-fiber whole grain products are often used as ingredients. Snacks with both carbohydrates and protein tend to increase satiety, and snacks with a calorie count between 100 and 200 calories typically reduce hunger without adding too many excess calories to the diet. Higher-calorie snacks consumed in smaller amounts can serve as healthy snacks. For example, nuts are typically high in calories and should not be consumed in large amounts, but a single ounce of nuts is generally considered a healthy snack for an adult.

While whole foods and homemade snacks are generally healthier than packaged snacks, some packaged foods can serve as nutritious snacks as long as they are low in salt, sugar and calories. Packaged foods that are considered healthy snacks for adults include low-sugar instant oatmeal, low-salt trail mixes and tuna salad kits. Nutrition fact labels on packaged foods help consumers determine whether a prepared food item is healthy.

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