What Are Some Healthy Recipes for Chicken Wraps?


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Eat healthy by making chicken wrap recipes such a buffalo chicken wrap, an Asian chicken wrap, or a low-fat but classic chicken ranch wrap. Other options include chicken and hummus wraps, spicy crunchy chicken wraps, and pesto chicken club wraps. Make a customized healthy wrap by combining grilled white meat chicken, vegetables, and a low-fat, low-sugar dressing such as honey mustard in a wheat tortilla or lettuce wrap.

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To make a healthy, tasty buffalo chicken wrap, marinade the chicken in picante sauce before grilling and add a small but flavorful amount of blue cheese crumbles. Asian chicken wraps are quick and easy, only requiring canned chicken, crunchy veggies and reduced-fat, Asian-style sesame salad dressing. Wrap these as lettuce wraps to cut carbohydrates and drop extra calories.

Make a healthy version of a chicken ranch or Caesar wrap by drizzling the wrap with low-fat or fat-free dressing. Another option is to mix ranch or Caesar dressing flavor packets with fat-free Greek yogurt, which is also high in protein. Chicken ranch wraps traditionally are made with bacon, but for a healthier option swap in turkey bacon or make them without bacon.

When you want healthy yet crispy chicken for pesto chicken club wraps or chicken and hummus, choose pre-breaded chicken and rather than frying, bake the chicken in the oven.

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