What Are Some Healthy Punch Recipes?

What Are Some Healthy Punch Recipes?

Blueberry Mint Agua Fresca and Watermelon Punch in Watermelon Bowl are healthy punch recipes. The primary ingredients in both recipes are fruits, and they use very little additional sweeteners.

For Blueberry Mint Agua Fresca, put 10 ounces fresh Blueberries and 1 cup water in a pot and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat to a simmer. When the berries soften, squeeze them against the side of the pot with the back of a spoon until they split. Add juice from one lemon and a handful of fresh mint leaves. Simmer for five more minutes.

Using a fine sieve, strain the solids out of the mixture. Add 6 cups of cold water to the liquid. If you want it sweeter, and a little honey or other natural sweetener. Refrigerate until cold, and then serve over ice. Garnish with mint leaves or edible flowers.

For Watermelon Punch, slice the top third off the melon. Cut a bit off the bottom, as well, so the melon does not roll or tip. Remove the watermelon flesh. Wrap the rind in plastic and refrigerate it.

In a food processor, puree the melon in small batches. Strain the puree, and then refrigerate the liquid. Pour the chilled liquid into the hollow rind. Add 1 cup of cold seltzer for every 3 cups of watermelon juice. Serve iced, garnished with mint leaves or lemon slices.