What Are Some Healthy Lunch Ideas on a Budget?

Filling soups, hearty salads and light wraps all make healthy and budget-conscious lunches. They're also easy to make in advance or using last night's leftovers. Make a big pot of soup using dried beans, tomatoes, corn and spices, or cook a large batch of chili or chicken noodle soup. Freeze individual portions, and defrost one portion each day at lunch.

Many kinds of leftovers can be transformed into a healthy meal simply by serving them over lettuce, pasta or rice. Heat up leftover chicken or beef, and plate it on top of a bed of leafy greens and chopped vegetables. Serve a scoop of leftover Chinese food over brown rice, or spoon leftover roasted vegetables over warm or cold pasta.

A wrap is a low-carb yet satisfying lunch option. Fill a wrap with shredded pork and cabbage or an assortment of sliced vegetables and cold cuts. Alternatively, fill a pita with hummus and red peppers or peanut butter and jelly.

Taking a tapas approach is another way to prepare a healthy and affordable meal. Snack on hard-boiled eggs, a few pieces of low-fat cheese and some fruits and vegetables. Always opt for the produce that is currently in season; it tends to be cheaper than out-of-season produce.