What Are Some Healthy Fast Food Choices?


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Some healthy fast food choices include grilled chicken, broth- and vegetable-based soups and side salads. Specific options include Chick-fil-A's chargrill chicken sandwich on a whole-grain bun, Wendy's chili-topped baked potato, the grilled chicken cordon blue sandwich without mayonnaise from Arby's and KFC's grilled chicken breast with corn on the cob and mashed potatoes. Each meal contains a large amount of protein, low saturated fat, low calories and reasonable carbohydrates.

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Other healthy fast food choices include Taco Bell's fresco-style supreme steak burrito and the fresco-style bean burrito, McDonald's grilled chicken snack wrap with either honey mustard or chipotle barbecue sauce and the chicken teriyaki bowl from Jack in the Box.

The trick to making a healthy choice at a fast food restaurant is to stay away from fried foods, fatty condiments, sugar-packed drinks and too many carbohydrates. When eating a sandwich, even a burger, season it with mustard or ketchup instead of secret sauces or sandwich spreads. Keep the croutons off salads, and use half a packet or less of low-calorie dressing. Good side item choices for meals include vegetables and fruits. Pair meals with water, unsweetened tea, diet sodas or 100-percent juice products that offer nutrients to compensate for the caloric intake.

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