What Are Some "healthy Eating" Slogans?

Examples of healthy eating slogans include the following: "Eat broccoli and kale and you can't fail," "Stay lean and strong - Look good in a thong," "Salad and beets are healthy treats" and "For your health's sake, avoid ice cream and cream-filled cake." Shorter slogans to add to the list include easily remembered rhymes, such as "Be smart - eat smart," and "Bigger snacks - bigger slacks."

Creating slogans for health and nutrition can lead a child into adulthood with a healthier perspective toward eating and exercise. Some kids' slogans, which also influence adult behavior, include "Eat wise to drop a size," "Eat your veggies for fewer wedgies," and "Don't wait - just lose the weight."

While the above slogans encourage good nutrition, "healthy" slogans are also designed to sell a product that may not be very nutritional. According to the Fair Trade Community, the slogan, "Made with 100 percent Fruit Juice," does not mean the product is totally made of fruit juice. It may also point to the fact that the beverage contains juice as well as other ingredients.

Some food and beverage labels make the claim that the product is "made without preservatives." Although that may be true, certain beverages, such as Coca-Cola, typically include phosphoric acid in their ingredient listing. This highly acidic base is used in place of a preservative.

Food slogans advertise foods that are fortified as well. However, according to the Fair Trade Community, a fortified food also does not utilize vitamins that are naturally sourced. Therefore, it is still better to obtain good nutrition through a balanced regimen.

The Fair Trade Community adds that slogans that sell foods should be compared with an ingredient listing to make sure that the claims can be substantiated.