What Are Some Healthier Jello Pie Recipes Using Fresh Fruit?


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No-crust strawberry pie is a low calorie option that calls for fresh fruit. There's also a version that calls for using a crust. Another option uses fresh strawberries, bananas, peaches and blueberries.

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No-crust strawberry pie is made from one package of vanilla pudding mix and one package of sugar-free strawberry Jello. Water and 24 ounces of sliced fresh strawberries are the only other ingredients. Distribute the sliced strawberries evenly in a 10-inch pie pan. Combine the pudding and gelatin mixes with two cups of water. Mix well, and pour over the strawberries. Refrigerate for four to six hours. One serving has only 57 calories.

Adding a crust to the pie adds approximately 100 calories, though it's still a healthy option. The only difference is that the sliced strawberries are spread across a prepared graham cracker or vanilla wafer pie crust, and the finished pie is served with a tablespoon of light whipped cream. Otherwise, the directions are the same.

Another simple summer fruit pie recipe is good for two pies. The base is still strawberry Jello, vanilla pudding, boiling water and two graham cracker crusts. However, in addition to one quart of sliced strawberries, the recipe calls for two sliced bananas, four sliced peaches and one pint of blueberries, as well as 1.5 cups of skim milk. For this pie, the Jello gets mixed with the water, while the pudding gets mixed with the skim milk before the two are combined. The fruit is spread across the graham cracker crusts, and the Jello-pudding mixture poured over the top, before the pie is refrigerated for two hours.

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