What Are Some Health Benefits of Oranges?


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Eating oranges can lower blood pressure; prevent cancer, heart disease and stroke; and keep skin healthy. Oranges contain potassium and Vitamin C, an antioxidant. A high level of potassium decreases mortality from any cause by 20 percent, says Medical News Today.

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Vasodilation increases with potassium consumption, resulting in lower blood pressure. The stroke-preventing capabilities of citrus fruit apply only to women, giving them a 19 percent lower risk of ischemic stroke. Oranges inhibit free-radical formation, lowering cancer risk. Lowering salt intake and increasing potassium in the diet by eating oranges lowers the risk of fatal ischemic heart disease by 49 percent. Vitamin C also aids in collagen formation, reduces wrinkling and battles skin damage from pollution and sun, says Medical News Today.

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