What Are Some Health Benefits of Nuts?


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The health benefits of nuts include reducing the risk of heart disease and preventing the hardening of arteries. Eating nuts also lowers bad cholesterol while raising good cholesterol.

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Nuts are full of protein, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. Different kinds of nuts offer a variety of essential vitamins and improve health in multiple ways. Almonds are high in calcium, which helps prevent osteoporosis. They are also high in vitamin E, which is essential for preserving elasticity in the skin. A single Brazil nut contains more than 100 percent of the daily-recommended intake of the mineral selenium, which boosts thyroid function and strengthens the immune system.

Pecans are rich in antioxidants that help prevent plaque from forming on the walls of the arteries. Pistachios are the lowest calorie nut but contain several nutrients that provide many health benefits. They regulate hormones if eaten regularly, as they are high in vitamin B6. They also contain lutein and zeaxanthin, which helps prevent macular degeneration, and contain high levels of gamma-tocopherol that lowers lung cancer risk. Although nuts are high in fat and calories, they are actually beneficial to dieters as the high fiber content increases the feeling of fullness after eating and helps to curb appetite.

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