What Are the Health Benefits of Lemongrass Tea?


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As of January 2016, there is insufficient evidence that lemongrass tea offers any health benefits, according to WebMD. There is research that indicates that drinking lemongrass tea for 10 days is more effective at reducing the symptoms of thrush in patients with HIV or AIDS than the antifungal gentian violet, but the results are not definitive. Some people believe it may help stomach aches, improve fatigue, reduce pain, ease aching joints and relieve vomiting.

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What Are the Health Benefits of Lemongrass Tea?
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Lemongrass tea could help digestion and lower high blood pressure, according to Brazilian folklore, notes Healthline. Mexican folk medicine also says that lemongrass tea can offer these benefits, and it may also calm nerves, states Mother Earth News. "The Book of Herbs" by Dorothy Hall also states that lemongrass has a significant amount of vitamin A, and therefore it can encourage clear skin and bright eyes.

The website CureJoy makes claims of 24 potential health benefits of lemongrass tea. The site notes that in addition to vitamin A, lemongrass is rich in vitamin C, zinc, copper, folate and potassium. However, it does not state how much of these vitamins transfer into the tea. The site also says that the tea can aid in weight loss, curing insomnia, lowering blood sugar levels and reducing menstrual cramps, and can act as a potent diuretic that can detoxify organs. However, the site does not reference any research backing these claims.

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