What Are the Health Benefits of KYO Green Powdered Drink?


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According to The Good Apple, KYO-Green is designed to boost energy. It is infused with chlorophyll made from organically grown barley grass, wheat grass, kelp, rice and algae as well as licorice, vitamin C and beta-carotene. Its combination of ingredients make it a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agent.

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KYO powdered drinks are full of healthy ingredients including vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, protein, enzymes and more. These ingredients lead to myriad health benefits, including energy boosts and improved immune and heart health. The Good Apple describes a number of KYO's healthy powdered beverages, including KYO-Chlorella Antioxidant, a powdered beverage made out of pure green algae, which enables better assimilation of nutrients and is filled with chlorophyll and fiber. KYO-Green Harvest Blend Immune Builder is infused with 44 healthy ingredients, including wheat grass, chlorella, mushrooms, and more. This combination of plant source nutrients helps people achieve maximum health. KYO-Green Green Tea Antioxidant is rich in catechins, chlorophyll, antioxidants, and other healthy ingredients. Its combination of antioxidant-rich green tea and nutrition-filled wheat grass can help boost energy, enhance digestion, promote heart health and aid weight loss.

According to The Good Apple, KYO powdered beverages are best when mixed with water, juices, or other favored beverages. They can be drunk when hot or when cold.

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